Welcome to Plazmaburst2 Clan

Clan member rules

1: Always pwn
2: Never camp/spray ( unless your jase)
3: Respect other clan members
4: Don't recruit other
members without asking me first, that includes referring random people to this website -.-
This means you Pok3r F4ce
5: Wear your fucking DOD Tag in game

Although its not a rule, its a guideline.
All members are encouraged to make maps, but if that's not your thing, don't worry

Please go to chat to arrange games with other members,  or see list of active members
Clan is slowly growing, today we reached 10 members  May/27/2011

Welcome To Clan (D.O.D)

Flea $ops leader:
how much of a fucktard do you have to be to call someone a pistol noob WHEN THEY SHOT YOU WITH RAIL
kill this fucking idiot PLZPLZPZLZPZL
BONUS BOUNTY if hese on your team and you DONT REVIVE HIM ever!

Boze TRK:
Ohhh look at me, i openly admit to gobbling penis
and im the leader of TRK :
This penis gobbling codpiece wants a piece apparently

BOZ Argius,  Kill this justin bieber worshipping max teabag sucking scutt,  he has a death wish ^_^

Bloody Commando  [Neo Viper]   Kill this boz worshiping  nab, apparently he wants some, so pwn this dickless faggot, it should be real easy.  This includes team killing where applicable.

Max Fagbag:
Kill this guy, he never pissed me off in game or anything, he's just overrated,
so plz just pwn him

Crack this F@#$ers bones good

D34thWish:   Kill this little twerp who things he is too good to be in DOD

Lux, kill this Rail whore troll

Bounties taken care of:
Jerry The Carrot:  Taken fare of by PBC,
pwnd him pretty good in Dm0

Death Raid: Taken out by Jase/Mr waffles

rdj: Killed
Please kill this skilless @#$$@#ing camper even if it means team killing him,
he doesn't even camp with style o.o

SLUGGER88:   Killed by Lux

XXdiamondXX ( Killed by Death Raid,
                                     Nub slayer)
Apixi ( Killed by Death Raid )

..Czarina.. killed by Noble 6